Privacy Policy

The proprietary information of our client’s info, and protecting that information, is our primary responsibility and focus, when it comes to our website. This is the main reason why we choose to disclose all of our policies, regarding data storage, processes, and other maintenance actions that are taken when it comes to data. This enables our site to be able to ensure that your data is maintained transparently, ensuring that all of your sensitive information is secure, at all times. If you have any questions relating to our policies, you are more than obliged to email a representative, who will get back to you as quickly as possible. Our main focus is to keep your information safe. This is done by not utilising cookies, and ensuring that any information that you provide, is not saved when you access our site.

Your information is not shared with any third party entities for commercially based reasons, clients can rest assured that they will never be contacted by third parties that are attempting to sell them services and products, that they have not physically requested on their own. All data is kept in-house, to ensure that your proprietary information is protected, ensuring your privacy. This enables our site to be able to deliver the services that are related to your specific situation. Unlike other companies that sell your data to other parties, as a means of additional income, we do not have any intentions of giving your information to anyone in that manner.

Cookies are not employed on our site, which means that none of your information is saved. The secure database that we employ is not accessible to anyone else, this way you can ensure that your data is never going to find its way into the hands of anyone else. All of your information will remain in a secure place.

Be aware that at anytime, we may make changes to our privacy policy. If any changes are made to our privacy policy, it will be your responsibility to ensure that you take the time to review it, and note any changes that have occurred. There are additional external links that are located on the site, which will lead you to other websites. We are not responsible for the data collection practices that external sites employ. We have no responsibility for the links that this site contains, once you have been linked to other third party sites. Please ensure that you have read the privacy policies of the other websites that you choose to visit, prior to accessing their data, if you choose to click on any external links within this site. Again, the practices that the other sites employ are not our responsibility.

If you have suggestions on different ways that we can improve our services to our clients, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any suggestions that you may have good or bad. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we implore you to leave it. Without you, and your feedback, our site would not be operable.

Do note that we do not take any responsibility for misunderstandings that pertain to the way that information is utilised on our site.