Medical Negligence Misdiagnosis For Diabetes & No Win No fee Solicitors

Misdiagnosis is just one type of medical negligence that can take place. Medical negligence or as it is more broadly being considered as clinical negligence is professional negligence that has been committed by a healthcare worker that can range from any type of doctor to a person who cares for a person professionally and has allowed the service or treatment that they have provided to fall below what is expected. In order for a claim of clinical negligence to be brought before a court such harm must have been caused to the patient as a direct result of the negligence incident.

What is Medical Misdiagnosis?

There are three main types of misdiagnosis both have a serious effect on the health of a person and can have a domino effect on their future health. These three main types include;

  • Delayed Diagnosis – this can happen when a person attends their GP or hospital with certain symptoms but the doctor cannot find an illness that aligns with the symptoms they are suffering and therefore cannot find anything wrong with them. However further on in time they are actually diagnosed with an illness or condition that should have been picked up on during the visits and as a consequence their health as deteriorated.
  • Incorrect Diagnosis – this may take place when a patient presents varies symptoms and the physician incorrectly diagnosis it for a totally different condition than it is. Or this may happen if diagnostic tests and other investigative tests are read wrongly and therefore the condition is mistaken for another illness or sickness.
  • Total Misdiagnosis – it is not always clear when a patient is showing certain symptoms what exactly is wrong with them and symptoms may often mask other illnesses but to totally be misdiagnosed means the doctor cannot find out what is causing the symptoms even though the person appears ill.

What are the Causes of Medical Misdiagnosis?

Medical misdiagnosis can happen for varies different reasons and a lack of medical knowledge may be one of them. If you feel that you have been misdiagnosed in any way and as a result this has had a damaging effect on your health then you can look to make a claim for compensation by contacting UK medical negligence no win no fee solicitors to find out if you have valid claim for misdiagnosis medical negligence. Some doctors, very few may not be able to spot patterns of symptoms that relate to a certain illness or may not be able to recognise the illness that has been presented to them by a patient and therefore cannot give a diagnosis. It is possible for doctors to read diagnostic testing wrong and information that is present may not be evaluated correctly by whoever is reading the results. Reading and examining data can play a big part in a person being correctly diagnosed as the information and results that may have been gathered may have passed through varies hands and updated by variety of people and if just one person gets something incorrect this can have a knock on affect to the rest of the data gathered. Also if you want to get free advice it’s important to use a no win no fee solicitor, that way you will not be charged any money for advice and starting the starting the claim.

Delayed diagnosis can be caused through the right diagnostics tests not being issued which may be a result of the physician being unsure of what the illness it may be, then it might be a case of not knowing which diagnostics tests to use. Without using diagnostics test such as X-rays, MRI’S and CT scans it may be almost impossible to be clear on what a person is suffering from. Such tests are designed to see what the eye cant for obvious reasons as we cannot see inside the body using such tests may be the key to giving a precise diagnosis when unsure

How can Diabetes be Medically Misdiagnosed?

Diabetes is an umbrella term given to a variety of metabolic disorders that find it difficulty in processing and storing sugar. It is one of the leading illnesses that can cause fatality if not diagnosed correctly and early on so that medication can be used to help manage the illness and possibly eliminate it completely. There are different types of diabetes and with them comes a variety of different symptoms. Diabetic symptoms can be very few and far between and some can be much exaggerated depending on the type of diabetes i.e. type 1 or type 2 and depending on the person. Therefore based on symptoms alone it is not always simple to diagnose diabetes as it effects people differently.

In general diagnosing diabetes is not difficult especially when diagnosing type 1 diabetes which usually start off at a young age and can come on quite heavy. However type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes the type that affects pregnant women may not always show clear signs of the illness and therefore may be either mistaken for another sickness or may be totally missed altogether. More information about diabetes can be obtained from National Diabetes Information Clearing House.

What are the Consequences of Diabetes being Delayed in Diagnosis?

Diabetes Medical MisdiagnosisDiabetes is a very serious condition and if left undiagnosed or even in the case of delayed diagnosis can have serious effects on the life of the sufferer. Diabetics can have a high volume of hypoglycaemic in their blood and if such a volume is not control or diagnosed can cause some serious long term complication such as blindness, kidney failure, birth defects, heart disease, stroke, disability and even more illnesses. It is vital that any symptoms that are related to diabetes are checked out immediately by a doctor as early diagnosis can prevent a life time of suffering.


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