One Out Of Three Adults in England Are On the Verge of Developing Type-2 Diabetes

More than one third of individuals residing in England are on the verge of developing type-2 diabetes. A recent report released by the British Medical Journal states that there has been a rapid increase in the amount of people suffering from diabetes, since 2003. Authors are predicting a rapid increase in type-2 diabetic conditions within the upcoming years.

This prediction comes from the medical journal, as a result of the life choices that people residing in the UK are making. The consequences of diabetes are decreased life expectancy and increased disabilities. The Diabetes foundation states that the NHS has already spent one tenth of their budget, on helping individuals who have diabetes, get the assistance that they require.

People in the beginning stages of the condition, do not experience any symptoms. However, the level of sugar in their blood varies. When an individual’s sugar levels become exceptionally high, this means that they are on the brinks of developing diabetes. Roughly five to ten percent of people that are in the pre-diabetic state will go on to develop type-2 diabetes, within a year of the initial diagnosis.

The study analyzed health surveys that were given in England during 2003 till 2011. When the survey initially launched, back in 2003, 11.6 percent of adults that were surveyed were in the beginning stage of diabetes. However, when the survey was conducted in 2011, nearly 35.3 percent of adults that were surveyed were suffering with pre-diabetes.

Three years ago, Ms. Helen Barker, from East Yorkshire, was told by her general practitioner that she was following in the footsteps of her brother and father. Ms. Barkers brother and father were both diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, and Helen was quickly on the way to receiving the diagnosis as well. Ms. Barker was told that her glucose levels were not where they needed to be.

Doctors informed the thirty nine year old that she would have to change her current lifestyle, and also watch the things that she ate. Helen was also informed that she needed to exercise more often as well. Helen followed the instructions of her doctors and lost five stones as a result. In a private interview, Helen admitted that following the doctor’s advice, when she was initially told, helped her to avoid getting diabetes.

She stated that her father, whom suffers from the condition, is forced to deal with a plethora of health issues. He is unable to operate a motor vehicle, due to the damage that having diabetes has done to his eyes, and he is being prepped to begin going through kidney dialysis. She believes that if her father would have known sooner that he could have done the same thing that she did to avoid being conflicted with the condition, that things for him would be different today.

Professor Baker, who is one of the authors in control of performing the survey, that noticed the increase in diabetes within England, states that the levels continue to increase steadily within Europe. However, it is not just England that is seeing an increase in cases, many countries, all over the world are also noticing an increase as well. There are a lot of people that have type-2 diabetes that have taught themselves how to properly manage the condition. But, some people are forced to endure other complications when they become afflicted.

The complications that could arise with type-2 diabetes are severe. Individuals who are unlucky to obtain the condition can experience: blood vessel damage, blindness, nerve damage, damage to the kidneys, increased risk of impotence, as well as decreased sexual performance. There are some great programs that the health services are attempting to put into play, to assist people who may be at risk of conflicting the condition. Anyone over forty should be properly tested on a yearly basis, to ensure that they are not on the verge of developing type-2 diabetes, or are already plagued by the condition.